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Hi there, my name is Eric Bermudez! I'm a New York based actor and recent graduate of the BFA Acting program at Marymount Manhattan College.  I was born and raised in New Jersey, and what I love to do most is tell stories and to tell them right! It's why I act. Seriously, it's something so sacred to me; having the ability to satisfy another persons experience with your own imagination and creativity. It's the best.

I also love breakfast sandwiches, and big dogs, and sunny days, and exercising, and baseball, and football, and superheroes, and learning, and laughing...

Okay, I love a lot of things but that's pretty much my deal. Having a Colombian mother and a Puerto Rican father allowed me to pick up on that generous latino spirit, apply it to my acting and beyond.  Having just graduated I'm eager to take this spirit to the next level with all the new challenges and opportunities that life is ready to provide.  

Much love,