Starcrossed - Capital Fringe 2019

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“Her [Garnet’s] original text blends seamlessly with the well-known Shakespearean lines and is beautifully delivered by all three actors. Eric Bermudez shows us a Tybalt upended by his attraction to and love of Mercutio. It calls into question his sense of self and his place within the Capulet household. In particular, he exudes eloquence at the inevitable end.”

-Sarah Murphy, Broadway World DC


“All three actors’ performances were intoxicating.

Eric Bermudez’s serious and dutiful Tybalt played perfectly off of Connor Delves’ playful and free-spirited Mercutio. Their battles of duty versus joy, living for tomorrow versus today are raw, emotional, heartfelt and often outright hilarious. Despite knowing their end, these performances were so utterly convincing that one is genuinely hopeful that just maybe the end will be different, and devastated when it isn’t.”

“Among the multitude of reasons to see this play, audiences should come to see a masterclass in Shakespearian acting from all three of these actors.”

-Julie Janson, DC Metro Theatre Arts



The Two Gentlemen of Verona - Valley Shakespeare Festival

The casting of Matthew Macca and Eric Bermudez is a stroke of genius on Simonetti's part and one that unfolds with both imagination and creative aplomb.”

“The "anything goes" atmosphere of "Two Gentlemen" allows both actors to display their creative aesthetic 100 percent as they get swept up in the madness of it all. Changing costumes in full view of the audience while racing here, there and everywhere, they are a charismatic twosome whose sprint dashing and comedic range is completely refreshing, entertaining and absolutely glorious. They are inspirational, kitschy, personable and charismatic duo, reveling in the intended free-for-all, the priceless tomfoolery and the over-the-top amusement of the piece.”

In conclusion, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" succeeds on all levels. It is fun for everyone involved. It is blessed with a team of actors and a behind-the-scene's staff who not only understand the workings of the Bard, but aptly inject the production with just the right blend of wit, craziness and engagement.

James V. Ruocco, From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2

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Starcrossed - FringeNYC

Eric Bermudez as Tybalt is the antithesis of this, and as such makes an excellent sparring partner and romantic foil for Delves. He seems to be weighed down by self-expectation, and stiff to the point of paralysis with overdone masculine drive (if you'll pardon the image). Watching him gradually break down his defenses and yield to the more conventionally queer-coded behavior of Mercutio is an excellent spectacle.

-Thomas Burns Scully,


  • Best Actor, Quandary in Verse (THE LIC One-Act Play Festival)